All of the following Testimonials are authenticated by name and often telephone numbers, but such is the wonderful nature of our calling and our gift, the name of the Client is not included:




"With the regular healing there has definitely been a big improvement in my eyesite"

Over the last few years I have suffered with Macular Degeneration, and with my impaired vision can no longer drive and I had to struggle to read and despite always enjoying writing poetry could no longer even write a birthday card.


Healing with Gillian is very relaxing and uplifting and my husband John has noticed like I have, that I am seeing more, and in fact can now see to write my own cards, although still a bit of a struggle, with the regular healing, there has definitely been a big improvement.


Back in the Summer John was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer and has recently had an operation where unfortunately nothing could be done.  Ian has been giving John Healing which gives John a great peace of mind and he has now a very positive approach. His own GP has commented how well he appears for someone with cancer.


Both John and I are benefiting from Spiritual Healing thank you Gillian and Ian for the work you do.

JB & JB - November 2015




“I believe in the power of Spiritual Healing”

Over time it has helped me in the management of my health problems and the healing I have received from Ian over the last two years allows me to continue the work Spirit has for me still to do.

I feel both uplifted, relaxed and at peace and find the Nursing Staff in the Home which I now call my home, come to me for advice and healing and afterwards say how much better they feel, as I do when Ian works with me, so thank you Ian.

RE - November 2015




“My general health and well-being has improved with regular healing”


Healing has cured my severe stomach pains caused by a hiatus hernia.  Also, my insomnia has improved and I sleep a lot better nowadays.  I am 75 years old and feel that my general health and well-being has improved with regular healing.  I feel rejuvenated and uplifted.


SC - January 2016




“I find the healing calming and feel different afterwards”


I went along with a friend and enjoy healing with Gill.  I always look forward to it and benefit from it – I find it calming and feel different afterwards.


JS – February 2017





“I have healing once a week and am quickly relaxed and always feel much lighter and more able to cope”


I have seen Ian or Gill weekly for over a year now and find I am quickly relaxed and always feel much lighter and more able to cope.  Thank you both for all the peace and healing you give to the world.


HH – 01590 671436






























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It is with regret that due to falling numbers in people attending the Three Counties Healing drop-in healing sessions at Lymington Community Centre, Gill and I have decided it is uneconomical to keep the Monday healing sessions going, what with having to pay for rental of the room, travelling costs, etc.  


Gill and I would like to thank everyone who has used the service it has been our pleasure to offer.


Ian will, however, be available once a month to make home visits in Lymington, so anyone requiring healing after 26th November should contact him on 01202 914206 or 07957 756816 and he will do his best to see you.


Thank You and Best Wishes to All.


 Ian and Gill xx



















































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