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I have two wonderful grown up children, a son and a daughter, who between them, have given me three fine grandchildren.


I was very fortunate that my Mother was a Spiritualist Medium, serving local Churches in the early 1950’s. She came into the Spiritualist Movement through Healing taking one of my older brothers for healing to a Sanctuary in Westbourne “The Blue Ray”. For her and my father working with Spirit was not a religion, it was a way of life. Both my parents were healers so I grew up with Healing and accepted it as part of my way of who we were. Life got in the way a bit and when I moved from Poole worked in the more traditional Churches and often took part in or helped lead “Laying on of Hands” Services. I was called back to Spiritual Healing after my Mums passing back in 1992 and working with my wife Georgina and I sat in a development circle and began my Healing Practise working with Family and Friends. In 2001 my wife passed and the Circle we were sitting in at that time asked me if I would undergo a period of training to become an accredited Spiritual Healer. I attended many seminars and did a week’s training in the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead.


Like my parents Spiritualism is to me not a religion but a way of life, and with the help of Spirit have developed as a Medium, now leading a Circle. I have published a book written by my late wife and have now published a further 3 Spiritual Books with an emphasis on Philosophy. But to me Healing is the greatest of the Spiritual Gifts and one I want to share.








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